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Pen Thru Bill - A Must Have Trick


"BEST. TRICK. EVER - this is just a mind blowing illusion. And it uses such an everyday, ordinary object... a pen!! This was one of the first magic tricks I ever bought, and I still LOVE it. The gimmick is really nicely made, and you get a whole bunch of killer ideas on the included DVD. Don't overlook this. It's GREAT!" Owen Packard, BBM Owner

Learn the Pen Thru Bill Illusion & More. This DVD will show you how to take your Perfect Penetration pen and make a complete act in itself! Take your Magic Makers Perfect Penetration to the next level with six great illusions. Perfect PENetration pen included. Also includes DVD!

Pen Thru Bill Illusion & More Includes:

-Pen Thru Bill - Rob's Version
-Pen Thru Bill - Ben's Version
-Pen Thru Credit Card
-Pen Thru Coin
-Pen Thru Business Card
-The Hole Illusion

+ Bonus Material!