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Nitrate - Backwards BWave by Cameron Francis


Comes with FOUR specially printed Bicycle Cards

NITRATE is a totally self-contained packet trick… just pop the four provided Bicycle Cards in your pocket and you’re set! No deck required. Easy to do, but truly mindblowing! Nothing is added or taken away. No sticky stuff. No difficult moves.

NITRATE: You remove four face down playing cards from your pocket, and tell your crowd to imagine they are the Kings!

One of the King’s is mentally selected and, incredibly, when the packet is turned face up it is the shown that this is the only King you have!! The other three cards are blank!

So far, so good – but now you offer to take this to another level. With just a click of your fingers the cho-sen King TURNS BLANK… and the three cards that were previously blank have now become the other three kings!!

Powerful, visual magic that is super easy to perform.

Comes with the special Bicycle Cards included!

* Simple to perform
* Self-contained routine – just take the 4 provided cards in your pocket and you’re set!
* 4 custom printed Bicycle Card gaffs
* Nothing Added or Taken Away – Instant Reset