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Morgan & West's Thought Of Card Across - TOCA

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***** AS SEEN ON TV *****

Morgan & West have created probably the cleanest approach to the Card Across Plot imaginable! It looks like real magic, and there isn't a moment where you even THINK that something sneaky could be going on. It is SOOOOO clean that it completely defies explanation. This is the very definition of a show stopper. 

Oh - and after teaching you the solo magician version of this killer routine, Morgan & West ALSO show you their renowned 'two performer' variation which makes for a jawdropping stage piece!

Ten black and ten red cards are shown. The spectator mentally selects any of the black cards.

Without ANY fancy moves, the chosen card vanishes from the pack of black cards and shows up amongst the other pack of red cards as the only black card there.

Comes with beautifully made custom Large Index Phoenix cards (red backs), and download video instructions.