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More Himbering Ways Wallet (SWITCH)


Invented by Richard Himber in the late 1950s, a Himber Wallet allows you to easily switch objects inside a wallet. The wallet has two openings, allowing you to say put a playing card (or business card, bank note, or similar) in one side and then switch it for something else just by closing the wallet!

This wallet is made from beautiful black leather and has a locking mechanism to prevent both sides from opening simultaneously. Which means that the spectator will only see one of the sides at all times.

Order yours today!

Dimensions: 13,8cm x 9cm

You receive a Himber Five Star Wallet and ebook with seven easy-to-perform routines.

Each effect is explained thoroughly: detailing materials required, set up and performance.

Effects Include:

  • The Voodoo Card
  • In two Minds!
  • Card Warp Factor 2
  • Paradox Deluxe
  • The Glimpse
  • The Glimpse 2