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Molecules by Dave Loosley

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Molecules is the latest brain child from Dave Loosley. A sure fire practical and real world effect which will become your favourite every day Carry.

With molecules you can create the illusion that you can control and manipulate the molecular structure of an everyday object such as a coin, pool ball or even a bottle cap.

On this 55min download Dave will take you through everything you need to know to start performing this incredible effect in no time. No matter wether you're a beginner or working pro there is something here for all skill levels.

Dave also teaches some great bonus effects including the ability to bring a loyalty card to life by plucking an object right out of the card inches away from your spectator eyes. 

Molecules is a complete routine where you will receive everything you need in the pack to get you started and your imagination will take it from there.


1x Molecules mini 8 ball

1x crushed Mini-Molecules gimmick

1x Loyalty gimmicked package

1x 55 min complete download

1x Bonus routines


What the pro's say:

"Molecules is an absolute powerhouse. Dave Loosley has developed a complete set that you can utilise to achieve some truly wonderful commercial effects. The best part is that nothing is difficult. It means you can focus on presentation. Within this project there is something for everyone and I will be incorporating several of them into my work. The loyalty card idea is now my new opener. That’s how good it is. Highly, highly recommended" Craig Petty

"Molecules really is a trick-shot! Its fun, commercial, visual-Its Dave Loosley, what more can I say!" Liam Montier

"Dave's creativity, straight forward teaching and powerhouse routining are the three atoms that are perfectly fused together to form Molecules! This visually engaging magic is a spectators dream that fits in your pocket." Joel Dickinson