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Miracles Without Moves by Ryan Schlutz - Video Download


Miracles without Moves features seven jawdroppingly incredible slices of card magic that require the barest minimum of sleight of hand.

Eschewing technical knucklebusting moves for ingenious trickery, routining and plain old sneaky clever thinking Ryan Schlutz unleashes tricks that will utterly floor your audience yet are simple and fun to perform.

And these are not your run of the mill sleight-lite routines. No painful counting sequences, yawn inducing spelling or hard-to-master linguistic gymnastics. These are multi layered, supremely FOOLING smashers.

'Creating ONE trick that smashes an audience's mind without resorting to sleights is a challenge. How the hell Ryan Schlutz came up with SEVEN is totally beyond me. I had no idea how he did ANY of it!!!' Cameron Francis

'These effects not only fooled me but totally inspired me with their deceptive creativity. Unreservedly recommended'. Jamie Badman

'Ryan has great instinct for creating fooling magic with devious simplicity. These effects are easy to perform and hard to resist'. John Guastaferro

'Want your arse fooled off? Look no further. Schlutz is definitely your man!' Dave Forrest

'Whatever your preference there is something worthy of your attention here!' Paul Hallas

'I don't think there was a single effect on here that I could have told you the method before watching the Explanation section. And it's all very easy to do.' My Lovely Assistant

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