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Mentalissimo Book



"The more I study card magic and mentalism, the more impressed I am with John Bannon. His "lean and mean" style of construction and execution inspires me. His routines are hard hitting and fun to perform." Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

John Bannon. New Book. On mentalism. Those are all the words you need. BUY THIS!!! We have very limited stock! GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

In this new collection, John Bannon highlights effects with “mental” themes, including both mentalism (serious!) and mental magic (not so serious!). John is known for constructing layered, easy-to-do effects with playing cards. These routines are no exception.

Despite this particular focus, Mentalissimo is aimed at mentalists and magicians, amateurs and professionals, who like finely-crafted, practical, and commercial demonstrations of psychic phenomena.

They’re here.

Listen to the spirits, and cross to the other side. See what happens when John Bannon puts his mind to it.

John Bannon is well-known to card trick aficionados. His recent collections, Destination Zero, High Caliber, and Dear Mr. Fantasy, are widely-acclaimed, international best sellers. This new collection is sure to garner the same enthusiastic approval.

In Mentalissimo, John brings his talents to bear on mentalism and mental magic with playing cards. “I do card tricks, have a keen interest in mentalism and am a fanatic about the construction of magic tricks. For me, a book like this is just what I look for. All of the above; in one place.”

You can expect: Squeaky-clean revelations of truly thought-of cards. Demonstrations of psychic ability that can’t be explained simply as coincidence. Clear, commercial prediction systems. Offbeat treatments of classic mental effects from “Add-a-Number” to “Out of This World.”

Overall, there are thirty listed items in twenty-one chapters. Almost all use regular unprepared cards. Two require a common gaffed card. Most are impromptu. A couple require a more-than-minimal stack. A few rely on easily-made external props. One employs a pack of ESP symbol cards. All are intelligently explained and laced with commentary and discussion. Come for the thought-provoking card effects; stay for the conversation.