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Melt by Biz - Coin Thru Cellophane - Exclusive Download


"Holy Hell! I have NO idea how that works!" Cameron Francis

"I have to say up front that this promotional video fooled me and I was not disappointed when I learned the secret.  Very often you are fooled by a promotional video and when you learn the ‘how to’ you feel duped.  Not the case here." Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"The good things about this are that it looks great, a real fooler, it fits easily into a shirt pocket, you can use your volunteer's coin (signed even), and it's really easy to do. (A little practice never hurt anyone though.) I plan on just shaking the box to show the coin is in it and then handing my volunteer the box so he can remove the coin himself. You end clean. No gimmicks and it can be completely examined!" The Magic Portal

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Biz's 'MELT Coin Thru Cellophane' is an absolutely STUNNING piece of organic magic. You take a genuinely empty card case and slide the cellophane off. You then spin the case and slip the cellophane back on. Now the only opening to that case is totally sealed off.

Next you borrow a coin (have it signed if you like). You rest the coin on top of the case and then, with the smallest wave of one hand the coin penetrates the box. 

You slip off the cellophane, open the case and, oh-so cleanly, remove their signed coin! 

  • Works with any coin
  • Works with any deck
  • No duplicate coin - coin can be signed
  • Easier to do than you think!!!

This is a simply stunning piece of magic and one of our favourite releases of this decade. Grab MELT and start melting minds!


"Biz fooled me twice.  When I first saw it, then when I thought I knew how it worked.  Not even close!  You will like just doing his very clever method.  Great, quick trick—even without the cellophane.” John Bannon
“A beautiful moment with regular objects. Very nice approach to solid through solid. Well done :)” Juan Colas
"I love it. Beautifully simple and deceptive" Danny Goldsmith
“Completely fooled me! My favorite kind of magic visual and impossible. The method is clever and practical. I'll be dong this all the time and you will too!" Tom Dobrowolski
"I love 'coin thru' and i love this one because it really simple and visual!Clement Di Natale