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Magic Vampire #1 - Instant Download eBook

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"It's been a while since magic has had a monthly journal in the tradition of titans like Hugard's Magic Monthly, Apocalypse, and Richard's Almanac. I am overjoyed that there is a new one that for me is already a success with the very first issue. I do not give "scores" on reviews simply because I think they're stupid. So, I will conclude by stating that if you want a magazine crammed with great magic - and who doesn't? - I give The Magic Vampire Magazine the highest of recommendations." Vlad, The Magic Cafe

An utterly COOL new eMagazine from Kneill X. This beautifully hand illustrated collection is a labour of love for Kneill, and a brilliant read for the rest of us. Like the infamous Crimp - but with a heap less swearing! (Although there are some naughty words - please be warned!)

ISSUE #1 Features -

Transylvanian Travelers

The Card Of Nosferatu

The Leap Of Death

The Borgo Pass

Apparition Aces

An Unnamed Routine

PopOut Triumph

Plus Ramblings From The Crypt

The RubADub Vanish

& Credits