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Linking Rings by Paul Zenon

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"A touching, deeply authentic, beautifully-made magic cabinet of theatre-story. Outstanding and unmissable." Fringe Review

"I found the performance and script to be engrossing and have a very easy time giving this performance a high endorsement." Straight Talk Magic

"Great delivery, great story line that is told in a very honest way by Paul. On a magical level I absolutely loved the theatrics and storyline of this, and on a theatre going level it is something I would definitely recommend non-magicians go see." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"This is an emotional and theatrical performance and you may find it surprisingly touching, as I did. I’d recommend it to those that enjoy autobiographical one-man shows and intimate theater." Ryan Matney, Genii Magazine

"I encourage you to watch it. If you are interested in magic and another fellow magician's journey on how he got there, Paul's is so, so moving. A wonderful wonderful presentation." Wayne Fox, Wizard Product Reviews

A self-penned, semi-autobiographical theatre piece marking a distinct change of direction for Paul Zenon, award-winning magician, comedian and actor who, in a career spanning four decades, has performed in around forty countries and made literally hundreds of network TV appearances. By far his most personal work to date.

About the show - 'Houdini's right-hand man deals with the death of his boss. A half century later, a Blackpool joke shop proprietor takes on a wide-eyed young protege. An affectionate look at a misspent youth and unsung heroes. Not a magic show, but magical nonetheless.'

Running Time 1 Hr 7 Min


"Anyone expecting a magic show.... it isn’t, but what it is is a truly wonderful journey through memories. Well written and delivered, touching, moving and a wonderful watch." Rob Harper *****

"A wonderful, wonderful thing. I saw it live, and was deeply moved, and highly entertained. On the back of this, I bought the DVD; I wasn't disappointed. Absolutely wonderful, and works on a variety of levels." Drew McAdam *****

"An emotive and passionate piece of theatre. I loved every second of this." Derek Heron *****

"It's a great dvd - even better if you go and see it live as well." Lyall Coull *****

"Amazing show, I was really moved by your performance in Blackpool Paul!" Karl Scott *****

"A unique and very entertaining DVD, a compelling snapshot into Paul Zenon’s early life and that of a man who has fascinated him for many years. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this to be so moving. Magic? Not really. Magical? Absolutely!" Alan Holloway *****


"Heartfelt and strikingly genuine… there's a warmth and charisma to Zenon's storytelling that just can't be faked." The Stage

"A contemporary master of his art." The Times

"Zenon's deceptive self-deprecation belies the precision and the sharpness of his warm wit ... seeing will be believing." The Guardian

"A contemporary master of his art." The Times

"A love letter to a Blackpool magic shop… for magicians it is a veritable treat." Magic Week

"A beautifully crafted piece. Blunt and charming… amusing and touching." Evening Standard

"There’s a rawness in his delivery, a heartfelt emotion." Edinburgh Evening News

"Zenon's affable nature shines through this honest and charming show. Artful storytelling… impressive deftness… so compelling." Broadway Baby

***** Edinburgh Evening News

***** The List

**** Glasgow Herald