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Lightwave ESP Kit by Adam Cooper

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An ESP Deck that lets you divine a card’s colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!

The Lightwave ESP Deck is a brand new version of the best selling Darkwave ESP Deck released in 2020 by Bigblindmedia. Redesigned with a less extreme style, this brighter iteration of the deck looks both modern and versatile, meaning it can be employed in all kinds of performing environments.

Like the Darkwave, the Lightwave ESP Deck uses Adam Cooper’s ingenious system with each ESP Card featuring THREE bits of information - an ESP symbol, a word and an image! And hidden away (in plain sight) on the back of each card is a brilliantly camouflaged marking system. This will allow you, in a fraction of a second, to divine both the symbol printed on the card and it’s colour. But that’s only the beginning… armed with this knowledge you can then employ Adam’s devious secondary system to go on to reveal both the word AND the picture. Each phase is more impossible than the last, and it’s all made possible with one quick glance.

These extra features allow for a huge amount of effect to be wrung from just a single selection. This is an entire act squeezed into one special deck.

What’s more, this is EASY TO DO! Adam’s innovative design means that you DON’T EVEN NEED to memorize anything - everything is printed on the card box. And it can be left in plain view - hidden in plain sight! The deck really does the majority of the work for you!

  • Each card features an ESP symbol, a word & an image
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Super easy to use marking system - invisible to them, crystal clear to you
  • No difficult memory work - everything you need is printed on the card case
  • Divine a card’s colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!
  • Goes so much further than other ESP Decks
  • Combine it with The Darkwave ESP Deck for even more routines!!! (There is an extra marking on the back of the Lightwave cards that allows you identify which pack it came from!)

The Lightwave ESP Kit includes:

  • custom printed gimmicked ESP deck
  • 1 double backer gaff card
  • 1 blank faced gaff card
  • 4 double facer gaff cards
  • downloadable eBook instructions
  • a massive 90min download video that will teach you everything you need to know to master this deck, including four killer routines to get you started

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    Very clever

    The basic markings are easy to read and with some fundamental memory work, this is an excellent tool. The cards are quality stock and the logo on the backs doesn't scream "MAGIC CARDS!" Because this isn't a standard 25 card ESP deck, you can't directly use full-deck effects - but for those 10-card tricks like "Mexican Monte ESP" it's fantastic. Great job all around.

    United States United States

    Lightwave ESP Deck

    I am very impressed with this deck of ESP cards. It is very easy to learn how to read the deck and then the three effects are amazing. Then there are many more ways of using this deck to Wow the spectators.

    Shawn M.
    United States United States

    A welcome update of a clever deck of marked ESP cards

    The Lightwave ESP Kit has all the same clever features as the original Darkwave ESP Kit, but without the thematically dark tone of the artwork. Besides a few extra gaff cards, it comes with 30 poker-sized cards with an embossed air cushion finish, apparently from the faux "British Institute Paranormal Research". Each card has on the face one of the five classic Zener symbols, as well as a word and image. The clever marking system on the card backs lets you instantly identify the symbol on the front of the cards. Adam has come up with an ingenious way to figure out what the word/image on the selected card is, using a clever system that engages the help of a crib hiding in plain sight on the back of the tuck box. You do need to ask a couple of simple questions about the letters in the selected word, to narrow things down to the selection. A 90 minute video tutorial explains everything and includes four strong routines. This falls into the "easier" side of the difficulty spectrum, and doesn't require any sleight of hand or memorization, just as the ad copy promises. Figuring out the card's colour and Zener symbol is a cinch by looking at the card back, while eetermining the word and accompanying image requires some on the fly `cold reading', but typically that's how you'll present this anyway. You can use a deck like this as a tool to do all kinds of mentalism or magic, but the four routines that are taught give you some really good options for performance. The Lightwave ESP Kit is going to be a very powerful took in the right hands, and I'm pleased it has been provided as an alternative to the Darkwave ESP Kit for those of us who found the original too macabre.

    A Customer
    Australia Australia