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Jack Tighe Download Bundle #2 - Master Tabled Controls

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A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - An incredible download bundle from rising star & card ninja Jack Tighe that will teach you all about controlling one (or more) cards when shuffling on the table! 

Wanna learn how to invisibly control cards when openly shuffling on the table? Course ya do - it's an essential skill for any cardworker. This exclusive download bundle from pasteboard pirate Jack Tighe will show you how!

From the subtle art of getting a brief in your deck (that's the edge of a playing card protruding slightly from a squared deck, not a pair of knickers) through to the utterly impossible looking Rollover Control and DaOrtiz Brief, Jack will teach exactly how to perform these controls like a pro.

With his clear teaching you'll find that these deceptive manoeuvres are way easier than you'd think. 

This 22min download will teach you how to put a brief in your deck (teaching - with his kind permission - Steve Forte's method)... then show you the beautiful Rollover Control & DaOrtiz variations... AND give you a crackin' routine to perform too! 

What's in the download?

Putting In A Brief

Brief Packet Technique

DaOrtiz Brief

Rollover Control

L2 Deal Routine

Running Time - 22min