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Insight Wallet by Larry Becker (PEEK)


Your Insight wallet is a clever peek implementation of the Himber wallet principle that provides instant access to any 'hidden' information inside in a disarmingly casual manner.

Pop this beautiful black leather wallet in your jacket or shirt pocket and you’re instantly set to perform the miracle of your choice. For example, open your “Insight” wallet and remove a blank card which you hand to a spectator. While your back is turned, the spectator is asked to jot down the name of any playing card that comes to mind. The opaque card is then turned writing side down by the spectator and inserted in a credit card pocket inside the case. The interior and exterior of the wallet can be seen to be totally opaque and unprepared. No mirrors, lights, holes, slits or trapdoors. From inside the wallet you take a rubber band and wrap it around the wallet which is then placed in between the palms of the spectator’s hands. Then, with no hesitation, you proceed to reveal whatever he wrote or drew in any dramatic way that you want.