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Hand-picked Astonishments (Thumb Tips) DVD DLOAD


INSTANT DOWNLOAD DVD - A Paul Harris Presents series of new twists on classic must-have magic secrets like the Invisible Deck, Thumb Tips, Card Forces and more!

All hand-picked by Paul Harris, Tim Trono, and Joshua Jay. Expert coaching by Joshua Jay to help your first performance experience be comfortable, solid, safe and astonishing.

This is not an encyclopedic "every variation under the sun" collection. Out of the hundreds of routines and ideas we have hand-picked a small select handful of only the very coolest, most powerful, performer-friendly personal favorites from magic's top creators.

Hand-Picked Easy For The First Time Beginner
Hand-Picked Power For The Experienced Pro

Volume 1: Thumbtips

We begin our series with Volume 1, which is perhaps the greatest assemblage of magic possible with the humble thumbtip. Not only are all the basics covered, but you'll learn how to make a "nesting" thumbtip, several effects you can perform anytime and anywhere, and even two larger routines suitable for bigger audiences.

If you have never used a thumbtip before, this is the perfect primer. If you consider yourself a thumbtip expert, there is still a selection of brand-new, unpublished routines and concepts.

An introduction to thumb tips
Thumb tip handling (management, angles, steals and loads)
Metal Bending
Salt & Pepper
Saline Solution
Fortune Cookie
Dollar Bill

Joshua Jay, Paul Harris

"The effects are easy and very impactful. The information about the uses for this fun little gimmick is solid. The methods and handling are very simple and straight forward…I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is new to magic…. I would also recommend it for anyone who is more seasoned.” 4 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM" Jeff Stone, 4/1/2013 Full Review "This is something that every magician from beginner to professional should get something out of. " Max Krause, Max Krause 4/1/2013 "...will elevate any performers ability using this secret weapon. It features some of the most astonishing magic from magicians around the world, using one of the best tools a magician could own, and taught by one of the best teachers in the business Joshua Jay." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 4/1/2013 "I wish it were around when I was just getting started in magic. All of the details you need to start performing and become confident with a thumbtip are expertly covered" Bryce Kuhlman, MyLovelyAssistant 4/1/2013 "With “Handpicked Astonishments” Joshua Jay and Paul Harris offer a tremendous introduction to each topic area and even experienced magicians can learn a thing or two from the detailed nuances and subtleties that are discussed. " Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 4/1/2013 "After watching the DVD , you’ll never leave the house without a thumb tip again." Andreas Sucker, Magie Germany 4/1/2013