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Hana Hou by Curtis Kam - Video Download


Curtis Kam’s ‘Hana Hou’ is a beautiful moving hole effect where a highly visible hole in a playing card moves numerous times, pops off the card entirely and then impossibly reappears - leaving the spectator with a PERFECT take home souvenir. What makes it so special is that it’s ingenious method is both surprisingly low-tech AND cheap to implement.

You can make the special gimmicked cards yourself, and you easily make a bundle and head out and perform this routine numerous times!

"Hana Hou" means "Do it Again!" in Hawaiian and Hawaiian magician Curtis Kam uses this simplified moving hole effect to answer that call. It's a perfect encore to any effect using a signed card, which transforms that card into something extra special for the lucky person who gets to keep it.

And, of course, it works perfectly as a stand alone piece, especially one on one. Basically it’s a killer piece of closeup magic, that utilises an ingenious (but low-tech) method and only requires sleights that are easily achievable.

The moving hole plot is a perennially popular piece of magic… and for good reason. For a muggle to clearly see an unambiguous hole in a playing card, and then to witness it MOVE, is a bone fide miracle. It messes with their sense of reality and looks like REAL magic. Curtis Kam has a stellar reputation as a magical creator - and Hana Hou is another great example of why!

* use ANY playing cards
* works one on one, in a group and EVEN over a webcam!
* leaves your spectator with the perfect take home souvenir

PLEASE NOTE - you will need to buy a single hole holepunch to perform Hana Hou. The download contains links to examples of cheap ones on Amazon. They cost about £4/$5!!!