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Gumfounded by Steve Rowe


A gobsmacking, organic card reveal on your packet of chewing gum, as seen on Netflix's Magic For Humans!

"I love this - there is A LOT of thought gone in to this routine. You casually show a packet of gum and the VISUAL change from a regular deck to a force card is fantastic. It’s SOO easy to do..." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine


Comes with special kit to gimmick your packet of Chewing Gum, wrappers for individual sticks of gum (and downloadable artwork files to print your own)

Steve Rowe's GUMFOUNDED is a hugely commercial piece of visual magic that uses one of the most organic, natural objects imagineable - a packet of chewing gum!

A card is selected and lost in the deck. You try to find it for them, but your skills seem to be deserting you. So you tell them that you need a bit of your magic, mindreading chewing gum! You take the packet from your pocket and have a piece. After just a few 'chews' you are able to read their mind and reveal the card they selected.

Then you grab the packet of gum and hold it up for them to see. As they stare at the logo it impossibly changes into the name of the card they selected. It is clearly printed right there on the front of the gum packet!

To take it even further you empty out the individual sticks of gum and hold one of them up. In front of your spectators eyes the logo once again changes to their selected card!!