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Good Card Magic - Video Download


Now this is a treat! One of BBM's favourite creators, Ryan Schlutz, has curated together an epic bundle of TEN truly epic card tricks. These are the ten routines that Ryan wishes he had had at his fingertips when he leapt into the world of card magic. No filler. No 'meh' material. Just the ten strongest pieces of pasteboard magic he could find. With material from the likes of Caleb Wiles, John Guastaferro, Ramon Rioboo and Erik Casey, this is a serious collection.

Ten downloads bundled together that contain a mixture of self-working, easy, intermediate, and advanced effects – (the goal was to include effects that were within reach of any skill level). Ryan is joined by Josh Arroyo and Sebastian Gerhardt to give you an in-depth tutorial on each trick, along with additional touches and commentary on what makes each trick 'Good'.


Luck Card - Richard Vollmer
Multi-Monte - Caleb Wiles
Licked at Last - John Luka
Big Black Arrow - Rich Aviles
Palm Reader - John Guastaferro
Deal or No Deal - Ramon Rioboo
Expression Test - Erik Casey
Forest Through Trees - Alex Elmsley / Brother John Hamman
Three Wrongs Makes a Right - Jack Parker
Just in Time 2.0 - Fritz Alkemade