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Frenzy Wallet by Stephen Tucker and Kaymar Magic

Sold out

FRENZY is a super direct take on the classic 'Card Prediction' plot by magic genius and legend Stephen Tucker.

A best seller at conventions and magic shops, this practical and easy to do routine will fool anyone, and has been unavailable for many years.

Now, Kaymar Magic has acquired the exclusive rights to this clever wallet, and it is once again available with both the original routine, plus a host of bonus ideas and applications!

You show a business card holder with an odd backed prediction card in (and it remains visible as the card, when tucked into the pocket, leaves an edge protruding). The deck you have been using for your show (a regular pack) is freely shuffled by the spectator, who slides out any card, which is tucked into the opposite side of the wallet.  The prediction is removed, and seen to be (for example) the Queen of Clubs.

The deck is checked - there is no other Queen of Clubs. So that means either the spectator chose EXACTLY the card you predicted... or there was never a Queen of Clubs in the pack, and the whole thing was a waste of time.

However, when their card is removed and shown, it is, of course, the Queen of Clubs!

Practical!  Just carry the little business card holder with you, and with a regular deck, perform anytime!
Easy to do!  No difficult moves or sleight of hand!
No forces!  The spectator freely shuffles, and removes any card!
Different result every time!  Just change the prediction cards for repeat shows!

Frenzy includes the special leather wallet, prediction cards, video instructions of the prediction routine, and also an instruction sheet detailing a bonus routine called 'The Same Card' by Wayne Dobson!

The performer has a spectator FREELY select a card from an ordinary deck of cards. Without looking at it, the performer tables the card face down and brings out a small leather business card wallet from which he removes his business card and a dollar bill. "On the back of my business card is a prediction. If the prediction does not match the card you selected, you win the cash!" The spectator perks up as the performer places the selected card face down inside the wallet, leaving the side of the card protruding from within the compartment.

"Would you be impressed if the same card was written on the business card?" asks the performer. The spectator agrees, and the performer turns over the business card to reveal the words, "THE SAME CARD!" ... "actually," says the performer, "the real prediction is written on the back of the money. Turn it over and see for yourself."

The spectator turns the bill over and the words, "Four of Clubs" is written on the bill. The performer calls attention to the selected card in the business card wallet. Taking it out slowly and dramatically, he turns it over to reveal the Four of Clubs! It's the same card indeed!