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Faux Show Routined Bundle by Cameron Francis - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Learn a professional mini-set that will leave your spectators reeling!

Cameron Francis' Faux Show is a slickly routined card cheating demonstration that takes four different tricks and builds them into one giant mindblower! Deck Stacking, False Dealing, Hand Mucking and Misdirection are all demonstrated to your shellshocked spectator's.

Using Cameron's clever and economical handling, this set is much easier to perform than it looks. Infact, you'll look like a Card Ninja performing it - but you'll be laughing inside as it requires only basic sleights.

Even better, it requires only 16 cards - so you could stash this in your wallet/pocket/false leg and be ready to bust it out anywhere!

  • A four phase, routined gambling demonstration that flows and builds
  • Only uses a small packet of cards
  • Only requires basic sleight of hand - Looks MUCH harder to perform than it is

 Running Time 16 min