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ESP By The Numbers by John Bannon


"ESP by the Numbers is another killer release by John Bannon and Big Blind Media. 5/5!" My Lovely Assistant

"Bannon’s simplified variation of a little-used card force makes doing this effect deceptively impossible yet ridiculously easy. Everything looks so fair, even your magic friends will have a hard time trying to backtrack from the double climax ending." Rolando Santos , Linking Ring Magazine

A brilliant, self-working, two phase prediction routine from John Bannon! Comes with special custom printed ESP Deck.

You display your ESP ability testing deck to your spectator, explaining that the symbols and random numbers featured on the cards are used to gauge the extrasensory abilities of members of the public.

For the initial test the spectator freely selects five cards from the pack. Despite the hands off, uber clean selection pro-cess you clearly demonstrate that you predicted not only which five cards they would select…but in which order too!

So far, so incredible, however that is just phase one. The true moment of astonishment is about to land!!!

You draw attention back to the random numbers printed on each ESP card and ask the spectator to look at the five cards they selected and add their numbers together. The spectator has now created a totally random number. Indeed you clearly show the remaining ESP cards and highlight the fact that had they picked ANY other card, the total would have been different.

Which makes it all the more incredible when you prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you predicted the EXACT number they would arrive at! Utterly impossible – utterly mindblowing.

ESP By The Numbers is totally self-working. No sleight of hand. No gimmicks. No sticky stuff. Just a brain frying piece of magic that you’ll want to perform again and again and again!

* Totally self-working – no sleight of hand
* ESP Deck can be used for other ESP routines
* Beautiful custom deck design
* Nothing Added or Taken Away – no sticky stuff. No gimmicks

"All in all I think this is a great value release which packs a powerful punch. Another Bannon triumph!" 

"The method is easy and it's a self-working card trick nicely hidden by using ESP cards and very topilogical." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"The ESP trick has a humorous moment to it, though, which makes for a fun routine with two revelations." David Regal, Genii Magazine