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Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard - Video Download


*** ENERGY BILL was originally marketed as a PK Bill effect, however the ingenious method works best on paper based currency (not plastic). So not all bills will be suitable for this. BUT, this is just as good with lottery tickets, shopping receipts, handdrawn voodoo doll images etc ***

The performer offers a demonstration of human energy. A bill is borrowed, signed, and placed on the table. Held at the performer's fingertips, the bill starts to move. The performer lets go of the bill and steps a few feet away... the bill continues to move! Finally, the performer gestures and the bill falls over!

This video goes over every detail you'll need so you can do this right away. Performance notes and subtleties are included along with Andrew Gerard's personal presentational ploys. Andrew Gerard has become known as a creator of effects that connect with your audience. Energy Bill has the potential to devastate even the most hardened skeptic...

No threads
No magnets
No static
No blowing
Performed with a borrowed bill/no switches
Examinable before and after
No devices used of any kind

Download the video and learn to do this amazing feat!