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Ed Marlo - It's All In The Cards - Video Download

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A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO The definitive inside story of magic's most prolific and creative card genius - Ed Marlo. An incredible three hour documentary extravaganza that features the teaching of numerous classic routines, rare home movies, a plethora of interviews and priceless anecdotes from Marlo’s closest students and even a 17min film of Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller at the Magic Castle! It’s a truly essential and genuinely entertaining testament to the legacy of one of card magic’s greatest proponents.

Produced by David Solomon and directed by Mark Skolnik, this was originally filmed in 2005, and subsequently released as a DVD. It has now been meticulously upscaled and remastered for the optimal download experience. 

“You may think a ‘Best Of Marlo’ video would be filled with sleights, moves and manoeuvres. This set goes further though and presents the best side of Marlo - someone to whom every card man now and in the future owes a debt of gratitude. Highly recommended.” Steve Beam

"If you are a Marlophile or even if you just love card magic, this needs to be in your library." The Magic Portal

The huge 3Hour+ video download features:

Part 1: The History

  • Documentary of Ed Marlo's life in card magic.
  • Historic and rare footage of Ed Marlo performing a collection of his original card effects and sleight of hand (including Devilish Miracle, Unbelievable Aces and Cards To Pocket, Open Prediction and 8 perfect riffle Faro Shuffles).
  • First-hand stories highlighting Marlo's unique personality.

Part 2: The Card Effects

  • Marlo's students perform and explain card effects inspired by their mentor.
Open Prediction
Aces Of Spades Trick
Matching Routine
Soc Thru
Repeat Card To Pocket
Future Reverse
Oil and Water
Vanishing 11
Gaffed To The Hilt
Have Another Sandwich
Web Shuffle
Olram Aces



  • Historic footage of Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon at the Magic Castle in the Palace of Mystery. Circa 1983 filmed by James Lewis.

Featuring: Allen Ackerman, Simon Aronson, Steve Draun, Don England, Joe Hartel, Kevin Kelly, Millard Lichter, Bill Malone, Jimmy Molinari, Jimmy Nuzzo, Jon Racherbaumer, David Solomon, and Randy Wakeman.




HOW DID THIS PROJECT COME ABOUT? In March, 2003, 70 magicians gathered in Chicago for an historic weekend devoted to the magic of Ed Marlo. Among Marlo’s closest friends and students were Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson, Steve Drawn, Don England, Bill Malone, Jimmy Molinari, Jon Racherbaumer, Dave Solomon and Randy Wakeman. Solomon took advantage of this historic event to film all of them telling their favorite Marlo stories and performing the tricks that he inspired.

In addition, there is exclusive footage of Marlo performing color changes, Ace productions, Oil and Water variations, transformations, Triumph, Open Travelers, cards to pocket, Devilish Miracle, Open Prediction, multiple versions of the Ace of Spade Trick and an incredible 17-minute video clip of Marlo, Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon at the Magic Castle!

There has never been a more obsessed and prolific card magician than Ed Marlo. He and his closest acolytes have influenced magicians around the world. Watching the video, assembled by David Solomon, gives you a peek behind the curtain of a uniquely talented generation of magical thinkers and performers in the U.S. Their legacy lives on.