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Dr Daley's Last Monte by Tom Dobrowolski

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Here's a fab double-whammy routine from our buddy Tom Dobrowolski. You get a lot of magic for not-much-work! Our favourite situation! YAYA!

Here's what Tom has to say about it: "What do you get when you cross an entertaining 4 card monte routine with Dr Daley's Last Trick? You get Dr. Daley's Last Monte, (thanks to my creative friend Raj Madhok for the name) a fun new routine that's perfect for virtual shows, online performances and to perform for spectators in real life! No gimmicks! All you need to perform this entertaining new routine are a few duplicate cards which we all have laying around the house and a few simple sleights all clearly explained in this download. This one is as fun to do as it is for your audiences to watch."