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Don't Fear The Faro with James Went - Learn The Faro Shuffle

14 reviews

"Went’s instruction is really excellent. He covers everything you need to know to get started. The production value of the class is also up to par with what we have come to expect from BBM." straighttalkmagicreviews

Nothing is guaranteed to strike fear into the trainee magician’s heart more than the words ‘and then complete a perfect faro shuffle’.

The Faro Shuffle is an elegant technique that mixes two packets, with cards alternating from each hand. A perfect faro means a precise rearrangement of a deck into two equal piles of 26 cards, which are then interwoven perfectly. For many apprentice card manipulators it is a sleight too far. A move too onerous to master, but too desirable to forget.

Well, James Went (star of the bafta award winning BBC magic show ‘Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic’) is here to put this incredible move into your arsenal. IT. IS. NOT. AS. HARD. AS. YOU. THINK!

Using a simple, step-by-step guide James will show you his bulletproof technique and get you up and running in a flash.

The thorough one hour video download will walk you through every element that you need to master this powerful sleight. It breaks down the hand positions, subtle movements and the necessary choreography into simple steps, that - if you follow - will ensure your practise time is actually improving your skills!

And James even includes THREE killer routines that will take your newly mastered skill and blast spectator’s minds. Stacked Aces requires only a partial faro, so is perfect for performances when you are just starting to make headway with this essential sleight. Then Ace Goes To The Place (by Harry Riser) will show you just how incredible a routine you can unleash just by using a single faro shuffle. And finally, Mental Topper (by Ed Marlo) is a truly crushing routine that will fry absolutely ANYONE who sees it. James uses this to destroy magicians! Once you see it, you’ll see why!!!

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Learn The Faro Shuffle (James Went)

Very, very good. Explains all the information required to learn how this is performed, even by a beginner like myself.

Paul S.
United Kingdom

Don’t Fear The Faro

I was impressed with James Went’s instruction and the excellent filming on the Ultimate Self Working Card Trick series and similarly this Faro download really helped me iron out a few issues I had with doing the Faro. The tricks included are very good too.

Robert D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Clear and very useful!

You are gradually guided and the instructions are absolutely clear! I am improving in mastering this technique which, with no training, can be really challenging. Thanks James!!

Riccardo P.
Italy Italy

Best Faro resource I've found

I have a bunch of Faro video and written tutorials, and this one helped me crack it the most. Hitting 20/20 now with this technique. Very clearly explained and demonstrated, definitely worth it.

Iain D.
Canada Canada

I will never Fear the Faro again - Fabulous Teaching as one would expect from James Went

Fabulous Teaching and some great routines. Mental Topper is a killer effect and will slay Magicians and Laypeople mercilessly. I do a lot of card mentalism and mental magic and this combines both. Love Mental Topper its worth the price of entry alone. As for the bread and butter of this release though the teaching of the Faro is first class. After just a week of practice I am now reliably hitting Faro after Faro. There are some really nice touches and a step by step approach to the technique which helps to speed up the time it will take to acquire this technique. Big Blind media never dissapoint and you will get the Faro down if you follow this approach and as mentioned above some killer routines as well. Mental Topper in particular. What you waiting for - Just buy it.

Michael C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom