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Djinn and Tonic Book PLUS Montinator 5.0 Packet Trick by John Bannon

Sold out

An incredibly rare, small print run softback 80pg book. This is the lecture notes that John put together for his handful of live appearances in 2017/2018.

This is the ONLY place you can now buy these last few copies. It is a serious collector's item, and will not be reprinted. This is your ONLY chance to buy this - DO NOT MISS OUT!

Also included in the package is the Montinator 5.0 Packet Trick - a brilliant monte style effect that is easy to do, and is almost ALL climax!!! Comes with the 5 specially printed cards. This is not available to buy ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

Please note - if you are a Bannon fan you may have versions of the featured tricks in other dvds/books... but this book is still a beautiful collectors item only available in VERY small numbers!


Montinator 5.0


Origami Poker Revisited

Power Of Poker

The Bannon Triumph


"You’re in for a treat!" BicycleCards Reviews