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Distorted Visions by Jack Curtis & The 1914


AN INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOADJack Curtis, co-founder of The 1914, teaches SIX incredibly strong, instantly resetting, real-world, close-up mentalism effects; designed and structured for hard-hitting impact.

"I was hooked from the beginning. I love it... Two of these effects I have put in my show and they're staying in my show!" Dan Hauss

Jack Curtis, co-founder of The 1914, teaches SIX incredibly strong, instantly resetting, real-world, close-up mentalism effects; designed and structured for hard-hitting impact.

Each effect is a solid, tried-and-tested, bulletproof worker; ready to slot perfectly into your repertoire. (Get ready for some big reactions!)

Jack believes mentalism should be “Simple and Direct”, a philosophy coined by fellow mentalist Looch, who also appears in the the explanations section. Together they will walk you through each effect in detail; covering everything from performance timing to psychological enhancers.

Best of all, watching Jack perform will inspire you to create engaging scripting. He effectively demonstrates that methodology is only a small component of our art and it is, in fact, strong performances that truly transform your tricks into miracles.


Amnesic Transpo - The mentalist’s answer to the two card transposition using business cards and a pen. A baffling demonstration of amnesia that will leave your spectators questioning their sanity.

Extra Subliminal Persuasion - After learning about the famous psychic experiments of Dr. Rhine, your participant is left astonished to find that written on the back of all five ESP cards are predictions that perfectly reflect their decisions.

Floral Destiny - Some physicists argue life is pre-determined and there is no such thing as free will. Floral Destiny explores this philosophical idea using a freely named flower and an embodiment of randomness: a deck of playing cards.

Blank 2.0 - A multi layered demonstration of apparent subliminal influence using freely named number and a deck of cards; An exceptionally structured 3-phase routine engineered for maximum amazement and impossible backtracking. It can also be performed in your online virtual shows.

Law of Attraction - Using nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen, you are not only able to correctly divine the name of a family member your participant is thinking of, but also present an incredible demonstration of “Synchronicity”.

Silver Lining - Two contrasting coins are used to challenge your spectator to a battle of the minds. After an apparently disappointing ending, you bounce back with a surprise jaw-dropping finalé! Also suitable for virtual performances.

Bonus - A thought-provoking essay about close-up approach techniques, an essay on the topic of predictions, and a short video discussion that will dramatically change the way you think about playing cards.


RUNNING TIME - 2hrs 4min

"Jack has a way with words that makes his performances intelligent and believable, which is why his performances are so strong. Watching this is a good lesson in how to script routines and make people believe in what you are saying." Vanish International Magic Magazine

"Jack Curtis isn't a name you may recognize in the field of mentalism but mark my words within a few years time he will be. This kid has some amazing ideas and he's a powerhouse of a performer." William Draven

"A fantastic collection of close up mentalism taught beautifully! Bravo Jack." John Carey

"Well worth the money. All the routines are great, but the Floral Destiny is one of the best routines I have come across. It is easy to do, truly blows minds, and is highly enjoyable for you and the spectator. You won’t go wrong with this." Robert Anthony

"I'm new to magic/mentalism and I'm still finding my feet. Yes I had to learn a double lift and a couple of other things but with a little dedication it wasn't too hard. All the effects work and get a great reaction from the people I have performed to. My favourite effect has to be "Silver Lining", the number of jaws that have hit the floor when I have performed that is amazing! So if you are new to all this like me, or a seasoned pro, this stuff is for you!" Robin Doull