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Dice Telepathy eBook by John Carey


BRAND NEW from John Carey - a killer mentalism routine with dice!

Here's what John had to say about it - 

"I am delighted to announce the release of my new ebook Dice TelepathyIn effect 4 different coloured dice are displayed and mixed by a spectator while your back is turned. They then place a dice in their left pocket, their right pocket and hold the other two dice one in each closed hand. The mentalist then turns back around and amazingly divines which dice is where!

It’s as clean as that!

No gimmicks, gaffs or trained hamsters are used in this miracle class effect. Inspired by the work of two legends, Karl Fulves and Bob Hummer, Dice Telepathy is the perfect ‘one and done’ effect where you really want to create the illusion of mind control.

In addition, 2 very powerful bonus card effects are presented and taught for your enjoyment! Triple Prediction Plus is an unbelievably clean triple matching effect with a stunning climax! No moves, Nada! You will want to get out there and use this.

Finally, Countback Prediction is a super clean ACAAN style effect you will really love! Super clean and very deceptive. Again no gaffs or gizmos. Just a regular deck with effects multi layered in subtlety and smoke and mirrors!"