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Deep Breath by Mat Parrott & The 1914 - The Gilbreath Principle


"If you are not familiar with the principle, this give you a good introduction plus you get some very deceptive, easy to do routines. You will have fun with this one."  The Magic Portal

A VIDEO DOWNLOAD MASTERCLASS - Mat Parrott demystifies an esoteric mathematical principle first published over 50 years ago by Norman Gilbreath; The Gilbreath Principle.

Only a handful of the world’s most accomplished mentalists understand the power of this ingenious concept and how it can be exploited to create explosive demonstrations of power.

The secret principle allows you to know, with 100% accuracy, information about a deck of cards (or stack of any items) mixed by a spectator. It allows you to create and perform miracles without the use of any gimmicks and without the use of any sleight of hand.

We believe so many mentalists never truly grasp the power of Gilbreath because they freeze up when they see the algebraic equations it’s traditionally taught alongside. The effects are astonishing but on paper they sound so damn complicated to achieve!

The truth is, the principle is actually really, really easy and Mat Parrott will prove it to you (without any algebra in sight).


What is Gilbreath - Mat Parrot explains the Gilbreath principle in a way that is very easy to understand.
Out of Breath - A spectator shuffles a deck of playing cards and cuts off a small stack. While your head is turned away, you are able to divine the colour of each and every card in the stack. Think Luke Jermay's Colourblind using a regular deck of cards.
Poker in the Rear - Your influence will cause a spectator to deal every person at the table a winning poker hand from a deck that they've just shuffled! From the moment you hand them the deck, you never touch it again.
Lottery Prediction - A stack of numbered cards are mixed by the spectator and they deal six random numbers. Impossibly, they match the exact same numbers printed on a real lottery ticket that has been in full view from the start.
Scrabbled - From a mixed bag of Scrabble tiles and in a fair procedure of free choices, your participant creates a word of their choosing. Against all odds, the word is accurately predicted in a very surprising and entertaining finalé. Great for virtual performances.
Shuffling Cards - Mat teaches simple false shuffling techniques to help make your performances even more deceptive.

PLUS a bonus eBook ('Deep Breath Supplement') with an explanation of a more advanced version of Out of Breath.



“Mat does a fantastic job explaining the Gilbreath Principle verbally and visually, without bogging it down with any math. He then goes into the effects. I will be putting Out of Breath in my repertoire right away.” Scott Pierce

“I still don’t completely understand the principle……..but that’s the whole point! You really don’t need to, the principle stills works regardless. Matt takes you through the basics & that is all you need to know. Excellent teaching along with a set of really effective routines. Highly recommended.” Jason Ingram

“This exposition of The Gilbreath Principle is an excellent attempt to make a complex mathematical principle available to the magic community without requiring we earn an academic degree in mathematics. The information here might even lead to the development of your own original magical application of the Gilbreath Principle. Highly recommend!” Tommy Meeker

“I’ve always been a fan of the lotto prediction and love this concept. Killer!!!” Mysterion Mysterion