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Dealing With It Season 2 by John Bannon


“Dealing With It 2 is yet another outstanding collection of incredibly strong and 'oh so practical' card magic from the mind of John Bannon. You will be fooled badly by this material and then be thrilled at how easy these miracles are to learn and perform!” John Carey

If you want incredibly powerful, simple to do card magic routines that can be performed with just a normal deck and your wits (no gimmicks, gaffs, mirrors, flaps or bits of elastic) then Dealing With It Season Two has you covered! Devious construction, captivating presentations, no difficult moves - just tricks that you will be desperate to get out and perform the second you see them.

Dealing With It Season Two showcases the six brand new routines John Bannon created for his infamous Genii Magazine column in 2018. Each of these six masterpieces ably demonstrates Bannon's wily mind at work. No other magician has that uncanny knack of simplifying and streamlining tricks and somehow making them BETTER! You'll also learn the JB Double Lift - a super natural looking double lift that is easy to learn, but is destined to be your go-to sleight for ever! Oh - and John even throws in ANOTHER totally exclusive and unseen bonus routine to blow your mind - 'Flipside Assembly'!

Jump in now and start DEALING WITH IT!

Chicago Fire
La Giaconda
On The Border
Prophet Motive III
Three Part Harmony

BONUS - also learn:
The JB Double Lift

BONUS II - Flipside Assembly

"Now you understand me when I tell you this DVD is a pure gem. Nothing less. So do not hesitate!" SYLVAIN JUZAN

"All told, no card magician will be disappointed by dropping a 20 on this or any other Bannon product." Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

"He obviously sold his soul! There is just no way an ordinary man, without the help of the devil, can come up with and present such consistently strong and awesome card magic. He takes from here and there and shakes it up or adds to it and it keeps me hungry for more. Yes people, I am talking about John Bannon. Of course Big Blind Media is behind the camera and the end result is just another insanely great product. Don’t believe me, check it out yourself." STRAIGHTTALKMAGICREVIEWS

"This is recommended for all lovers of good and entertaining card magic. John has such a fresh approach and his work is always well thought out and constructed." VANISH MAGAZINE

"Simple direct card magic. Subtle and efficient methods requiring very little sleight of hand." Chris Payne, MagicSeen Magazine

"Another package of John's fine work. Everything is easy to do while not being self working. There are some real foolers here. A real bargain." MAGICPORTAL

"As always Mr Bannon has a very clever and thoughtful approach to his card magic, often relying on subtle psychological methods are deceptive as well as entertaining. Another fine release that should receive a ready welcome from anyone who enjoys card magic." ENDERSGAME REVIEWS