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CTW - Card Thru Window (DVD + gimmicks)


David Forrest's incredibly practical, incredibly clever CARD THRU WINDOW. Their selection vanishes... then it appears taped to a window... THEN YOU CAUSE IT TO MELT THROUGH THE GLASS!

Comes with the materials necessary to make your special gaff!

This DVD teaches you how to make the special gimmicks, all the handling techniques you'll need and a number of routine ideas.

This is CHEAP, PRACTICAL and VISUAL. This is a Card Thru Window that YOU WILL USE!
Comes with materials necessary to make the special gimmick
In excess of an hour's worth of indepth tutorials, tips and hints.
Comes with the original PDF manuscript FREE!
Includes FREE BONUS false cut, which gives you an invisible glimpse of the top card!
The acclaimed Card Thru Window effect that had EVERYONE talking is now available on DVD by popular demand!

This in-depth DVD walks you step by step through the construction of the very special gimmicks that will allow you to totally fry your spectators mind! VISUAL, PRACTICAL and MINDBLOWING, CTW is an ingenious approach to the Card Thru Window plot that is as EASY as it is VISUAL!

The DVD includes live, on the street performances and includes vital materials required for the construction of the gimmicks inside the box!

Their selection vanishes... then it appears taped to a window... THEN YOU CAUSE IT TO MELT THROUGH THE GLASS!


"I truly believe that this is the best (& most practical!) Card Through Window EVER!!!" - Mike Danata "Your card through window is really ingenious and, for those special shows, well worth the effort of making the gimmick." - Simon Lovell "I'm halfway through CTW and already I know how I'm going to use it in my stage show! After the first performance my mind kicked in and there was an audible 'Yessss'!" - Ian Kendall 'This effect is pure genius and one that WILL work in he real world. A great DVD!' - MAGICBUNNY.CO.UK 'The DVD, the clarity and detail, the materials, the very concept of the workings! WOW! These guys are ones to value for money! Stunning!' - TALKMAGIC.CO.UK 'CTW is a GREAT real world effect that plays well under (almost) all conditions. I have been using CTW with great reactions from the audience.' - THE MAGIC CAFÉ.COM 'This is SO cheap for a great card thru window effect.' - THE MAGIC CAFÉ.COM 'This is a great balance of price and practical application. I might well be Jay Sankey's biggest fan, but David is very quickly becoming my fave magician.' - GOMAGICGO FORUM 'Just awesome!' - THEMAGICWOODS.CO.UK