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Color Stix by Eric Stevens - Video Download



Eric Stevens has taken a simple, commonly overlooked prop, and turned it into a powerhouse of a routine.  Watch it as the hot rod  magically changes, visually multiplies, vanishes before your eyes, reappears in impossible locations, and much more!  This is causing a huge buzz among the biggest names in magic.

Eric expertly walks you through the entire Color Stix routine. He goes into intricate detail of all the moves and sleights that bring this routine to life, as well as teach you extra techniques that weren't featured in the main routine. Your paddle move will be virtually invisible with all the tips and subtleties he finally shares. Make sure you watch until the very end, where Eric reveals his secret weapon to look like a superstar to his bookers, using nothing but a Hot Rod.

NB This is a download video teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know. But you will need your own Hot Rod! You can get them in ALL magic shops and from Amazon/Ebay/yourunclewhodoesmagic 

Warning: After watching this download you will never see The Hot Rod the same way ever again. You've been warned!

"He was able to captivate us with... a Hot Rod. Combining both hands, his technique is absolutely awesome and flawless!" Rocco Silano

"Absolutely Fantastic. That Multi-colored stick has just gone from junk drawer to headliner!" David McCreary

"Eric Stevens has taken the Hot Rod from a minor mystery to a fully thought out, magically stunning, and commercially entertaining piece of visual wizardry!"
 Scott Alexander

"I never would have thought a hot rod routine could look so magical." David Penn

"That he could take such a common, overlooked effect and spin such gold out of it, is a testament to his creativity and an inspiring reminder that sometimes miracles can happen in the most unexpected places." Chris Philpott

"Eric has taken the classic Hot rod effect to the next level! It changes, it multiplies, it vanishes; a beautiful well-structured routine that will leave your audiences wanting more!" Michael Kaminskas

"His Color Stix routine is pure eye candy, and proves once again that it isn't the trick, it's the person behind the trick. Eric's routine will make you want to dig out this old classic and start creating real magic. Eric is Magic!" Lou Serrano

"Eric has turned what is traditionally a beginning magician's average, mildly amusing trick into an advanced sleight-of-hand illusion! He made hot rods a fun, exciting, I-can't-wait-to-see-what-happens-next, effect with moves that will amaze you...Yes, I said amaze you!" "Mad" Tad Nyland