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Cheng’s Change by Cheng Lin - Video Download


If you have been around magic for a while you'll almost certainly have seen the Zapped / Fan2C effect. A lousy poker hand is spread and shown, and then (in full view) you riffle the edges of the cards and they morph into a royal flush. It. Is. Brilliant. (I even used it in a music video we did for UK rockers Cars On Fire a few years ago - WATCH IT HERE!)
It's a killer effect, but it uses a special gaff. New Yorker Cheng Lin figured out an elegant way to do it using regular cards!! Yep - the zapped effect with regular cards!
Five cards visually morph into five different cards right under their noses. Did we mention NO GIMMICKS? This uses ingenious sleight of hand (meaning you can do it with ANY deck), and it's not as hard as you think it is. In fact with a little practise any card mechanic could add this to their repertoire today. It's the perfect end to any gambling demonstration. 

Download and learn this incredible move today!