Card Clone Packet Trick


"Card Clone is a wonderful new updated version of Color Monte. Anybody who was a fan of the previous version will love this new updated version." Magic Orthodoxy, Reviewer

"This update to the classic “Color Monte” receives my highest recommendation. The presentation is interesting, uses only basic card handling which anyone can do, and is a strong magical effect. " Ryan Matney, Genii Magazine

Everyone loves Color Monte. It has so much going for it as a trick - ONLY three cards used. Super easy to do. LOADS of phases means loads of magic. A climatic final phase that actually does bring the trick to a new level. It is a stone cold classic of magic for a reason. 'Card Clone' is a modern take on this genius trick. Using three specially printed gaff cards (that can slip into your wallet or purse) it uses a presentation hung on the modern phenomena of credit card cloning and twentieth century fraud. Present it as a serious piece or play it for laughs - whatever suits your style! Truly maximum magic for minimum pocket space & effort!!!

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