Buzzkill Packet Trick by John Bannon


A packet trick that packs a STING! FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK!

“I am a big Bannon fan and he did not disappoint with this!” The Magic Portal

"I think you’ll enjoy performing Buzzkill and, more importantly, get some good reactions from it!"

Buzzkill is a brilliant bit of commercial magic that packs small (just a thin packet of cards) but delivers a mighty wallop. The nine specially printed cards make a compact, self-contained routine that will slip in your pocket or wallet, and will always be ready to perform.

Like all the best packet tricks, this is super engaging (with a fantastic narrative hook), fooling as all hell, easy to perform and FUN!

John Bannon has been performing it since it’s inception in 1994, and you’ll see immediately why it has lasted two plus decades in his repertoire.

The included indepth tutorials will teach you Bannon’s tried and tested handling for this routine, plus a ‘Fractal’ version (where you end completely clean and examinable) and an ‘Oil & Queens’ handling that adds a lovely visual display at the start as you show the cards.

This is a killer slab of magic that will drop in your pocket, and is sure to be a smash hit wherever you perform.

Before there was “fractal” card magic, John Bannon presented classic card magic with gaffed and extra cards that still resonate today: • Twisted Sisters • Call Of the Wild • Strangers’ Gallery • Tattoo You.... among others.