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Bright Spark by Jamie Daws

Sold out

Full 52 presents Jamie Daws - ‘Bright Spark’. A collection of 14 original effects and moves to put the spark back into your close-up repertoire! Jamie is a very clever thinker!!

His last two releases, 'SCARED' and 'THE GATHERING', were best sellers and widely applauded for their originality and practicality. 'Bright Spark' sees Jamie in his first multi-trick DVD with no less than 14 items on offer. Included is Jamie's amazing 'PING' where an elastic band instantly, visually and effortlessly penetrates through a water bottle.

As well as several unique and clever card effects, Jamie also shares 'Psychological Smoker' in which the health warning on the packet changes to reveal the name of a selection...then all the cigarettes vanish from inside and in their place is the folded card itself!

You'll also learn the excellent 'X-Change' in which a marked coin effortlessly melts up through a stack of coins, one coin at a time!

All this and much more awaits you on Jamie Daws ‘Bright Spark’!

PING - An elastic band passes effortlessly though a water bottle!
HOLE BUSINESS - A 'black hole' slides around your business cards!
INSTNASE - Jamie's smart handling of the Erdnase Colour Change!
The Puppeteer - It's like you've got the spectator on a string!
Blank Thoughts - Your spectator stops dealing on the last printed card in the deck!
Casino Strings - Ever wondered how Casino's keep you inside for so long?
Bottoms Up - These Jokers are definitely WILD!
Psychological Smoker - The health warning on the packet changes...for starters!
Solomon's Secret - Clever transpo effect with two selections!
Simple Mix - An 'in the hands' triumph handling!
Colouring - A killer colour changing deck!
X-Change - A marked coin travels effortlessly up through a stack!
Flip Top Control - A devious card 2 card transpo/control technique!
Spinning Wheel Change - A beautiful double colour change!