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Blistering by James Anthony

Sold out

A new generation of card blister!

"Blistering is super portable and convenient... I LOVE THIS!!" - DYNAMO

IMAGINE asking someone to choose a playing card or an ESP symbol. Then, with any lighter, you ask them to stare into the flame and imagine their chosen card or symbol. You then proceed to burn your forefinger and thumb under the flame. As you raise your fingers, the spectator sees a blister with a crystal clear image appearing on your fingertips...

The blister EXACTLY MATCHES their chosen card or symbol.

BONUS: You can also make a seemingly plain round blister warp into their chosen prediction.

No more having to remember your special lighter or worry about remembering your blister -- it's always attached to your keys or chosen location, ready to go!

Every time I perform this, I secretly smile to myself at how deviously simple and effective the gimmick is.

CRYSTAL CLEAR BLISTERS due to the curved nature of the gimmicks
Carry on your keys, belt loop, in your pocket, or on a pull
Always ready to go
Modern and effective design

4 x precision injection molded gimmicks
Online instructions with routines