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Bias Beware by Steve Cantwell


Now, this is something a little different. One of our favourite magicians (and all round nice guys) Steve Cantwell has written a FANTASTIC book on cognitive biases. It has a LOT of applications for magicians. It delves into the way the human brain works and how it can be 'fooled'. It's an entertaining, funny read and it could truly take your magical skills into another realm altogether. If you want to be a REAL Derren Brown, this is where you should start!

About Bias Beware - How can a little white lie affect your tastes? Why should judges snack regularly and avoid dice? How does the thought of money influence where you sit?

Bias Beware is an introduction to cognitive biases—the ways in which we are all unwittingly influenced when we think we are making rational decisions and fair judgments.

We cannot focus on every little thing we perceive, so our brains use shortcuts—heuristics—to help us along. These shortcuts enable us to function but, as with all rules of thumb, they are not always accurate. In fact, they can lead us into some astonishingly irrational conclusions. This entertaining and accessible book will teach you the psychology behind how your mind plays tricks on you, with anecdotes, research and fascinating explanations.

If you want to understand your own mind better, avoid costly mistakes in business, or simply amaze your friends, then this book is for you.