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Appear-8 (Appearing Eight Ball)

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APPEAR-8 is a brilliant, visual piece of magic guaranteed to draw shocked reactions from ANY audience. Your deck of cards has an EIGHTBALL printed across it’s face. In full view of your spectator’s you can pluck the printed Eightball OFF the deck and hand out a real, regulation Eightball for inspection!

You are left with a plain Bicycle deck and the real Eightball!

Super simple to perform. Beautifully handcrafted gimmick does the work for you!

Comes with a handcrafted Red Bicycle Deck gimmick, a deck protector (to transport your gimmick around), a real 2” Eightball and downloadable video instructions.

You can use APPEAR-8 as a startling piece of eye-candy, or you can build it into a routine. It’s (of course) the perfect way to start any routine that uses an Eightball… or you could force the 8 Of Clubs or Eight Of Spades and then use Appear-8 as both a prediction AND an eye-popping climax. (“Hey, I KNEW you’d pick a black eight-spot! Really, I did! Check out what I got printed on my deck…”)

Here is how Steve Rowe uses Appear-8

• Stash an ‘Invisible Deck’ in your Appear-8 case. Ask your spectator to name ANY card. Whatever they re-spond, you look disappointed and say -

“I was HOPING you’d name a black eight spot... you know the Eight Of Clubs or Spades. Then I could show you this really cool deck I have.”

Pick the Appear8 case up from the table and show the printed Eight Ball.

“Nevermind, I can fix this. First, let’s get rid of this…”

Pluck the Eight Ball right off the front of your card box and drop it in their hand (or on the table). Then remove the invisible deck from the case and proceed to show them the card they named!

Appear-8 – shocking, visual magic at it’s best!

  • Incredibly simple to perform – the gimmick does the work for you
  • Beautiful handcrafted gimmick
  • High production values and excellent indepth teaching.
  • Comes with real 2” EightBall