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Aperture by Cameron Francis - Download & Gimmick


A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & SPECIAL BICYCLE GAFF CARD - The BBM exclusive download will be added to your library immediately, and your special Bicycle gimmick card will be shipped out for you!

A card is selected and lost in the deck. You then reach into your pocket and remove a Joker with a hole cut in it and slide it halfway into the pack. The spectator pulls the Joker back out to discover that the hole has healed!! 

The deck is spread and the selection is found WITH A HOLE IN IT! THE HOLE HAS JUMPED FROM THE JOKER TO THE SELECTION.

Expressing concern that this selected card is now useless (its got a HOLE in it!!), you shake it a little and before the spectators very eyes the hole jumps back to the Joker. Everything can be handed out for examination! 

Easy to do

Incredible reactions

Video Download instructions and special Bicycle Gimmick supplied

Instant reset