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Adjective by Liam Montier - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - A prediction envelope is placed down on the table, and then a deck of cards is introduced and shown.  The faces are normal, but the backs of the cards each have a word written on, which you explain have all been words used to describe the trick.  There's words like 'Amazing' 'Confounding' 'Fantastic' etc

A spectator freely chooses one of the cards, and one of the words, in the fairest way possible - by simply calling stop as the cards are dealt to the table.

Let's say they end up with 'Astonishing' and the Nine of Hearts.

The prediction is opened, and unfortunately is a total miss!  It is a Five of Diamonds with the word 'Unexpected' on the back!

However, the magician suggests that you should always expect the unexpected, and slowly turns both selections over... the 'Astonishing' card is the Five of Diamonds, and the back of the Nine of Hearts has 'UNEXPECTED' written across it, making the prediction a direct hit!

Liam teaches you how to make this up using any Svengali Deck (available at all good magic shops/Amazon/eBay)!

Commercial presentation

No sleights or moves

Spectator can change their mind on either selection

Self working

Instant reset