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Aces From The Fore by Liam Montier


Visually rip the four Aces right out of the Four Of Hearts! Contains three special custom printed Bicycle Gaff Cards!

Aces from the Fore is a visual, eye-popping, Ace EXPLODING routine invented by the actual wizard that is Stephen Tucker.

The special Bicycle branded gimmicks provided allow you to take a Four Of Hearts and proceed to tear the the Ace Of Hearts straight out of it. One second you're holding the Four Of Hearts, then next you have the Ace Of Hearts and the Three of Hearts.

Then you tear the Ace of Diamonds from the Three of Hearts, leaving you with the Two Of Spades (well, you are looking for BLACK aces now).
To finish you pull the Ace of Spades from the Two Of Spades, leaving you with the Ace of Clubs... and - voila - YOU HAVE RIPPED ALL FOUR ACES FROM A SINGLE CARD!

Fast and furious, this virtually self working stunner makes the perfect opening for ANY set of card routines.

Learn not only the cunning principle and how to use the devious gaffs, but master advanced handlings, regular deck variations and even a borrowed, shuffled deck impromptu version.

PLUS - As a MEGA bonus, Aces From The Fore just happens to finish with you set and ready to perform one of the greatest four ace tricks of all time... and WE TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT!!!


"If you are a fan of strong, visual card magic that is easy enough for most magicians to do, I think you will really like Aces From the Fore." Dan Garrett, M-U-M Magazine

"This looks very nice. It’s clean, visual magic, and the included gimmicks make the effect straightforward and easy to do." David Regal, Genii Magazine

"I think it ticks all the right boxes for really great card routine. Visual opening, easy to follow and a killer ending." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"This is one strong piece of magic plus it is easy to do." The Magic Portal

"Aces from the Fore is – on its own – a great trick. It is very easy for the spectator to follow i.e. the effect is clear; it looks very magical; and it is very easy to do. The possibility of running straight into MacDonalds Aces means you’re ready to go for a powerhouse card routine with almost no effort required."

"Aces From The Fore is a Liam Montier and Big Blind Media presentation of a Stephen Tucker trick that is very entertaining and visually impressive. There are many version of the trick taught, both with and without gaffed cards, and also a version of the classic MacDonald’s Aces trick.

Basically, the performer pulls a card from the deck and claims it is the four aces in one. It is a red 4. He explains that there are four pips – one for each of the aces. He then in an instant pulls one of the red aces from the 4 and the performer is left holding a 3 as he drops a red ace on the table. He repeats it and the 3 becomes a 2 as the performer drops another ace on the table. It is repeated again and the 2 disappears and two aces are dropped on the table. That in of itself is a very cute, quick and direct trick. After performing Aces From The Fore, you can perform MacDonald’s aces which is an awesome legendary trick for the double impact.

There is a move that you need to perform to do this trick, but it is very easy. I think that the move can be learned rather quickly for beginners so don’t shy away from this trick because you have to use a tiny bit of sleight.

The $20 DVD comes with 3 gaffed card needed for the original version and the second stage of MacDonald’s Aces. Montier teaches the trick in an empty room without any spectators which although I would prefer to see some performances to real live spectators, this seems to be an exception. The trick is so quick and he performs it to the DVD viewer so that real spectators are not necessary. The camera work uses several different angles and it is very well produced.

In addition to the original Tucker version, Montier also teaches the trick with a regular deck and a set up and also an impromptu version. His explanation are very clever and I wonder if the alternate versions were his own or Tucker’s. It doesn’t matter much, but he really squeezes all the juice out of the lemon with the numerous alternate versions.

I can recommend this trick to anyone because it is easy to learn and perform and has a fun twist to it. I especially love this trick with the follow-up with the MacDonald’s Aces. This is another good one from Big Blind Media and Liam Montier." STRAIGHTTALKMAGIC.COM