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7000km Lecture Notes by Cameron Francis


Cameron Francis had a smash hit lecture at this year's Blackpool Magic Convention. In it he taught a heap of routines cherry picked from his repertoire. And as Cameron is renowned for easy-to-do, super commercial, fun to perform magic, this material was KILLER!

The lecture notes exclusively produced for this lecture were an A4, 24page, staplebound book. In it Cam taught all TEN of the routines from his lecture. It's a real collector's item and it was ONLY sold at the convention. UNTIL NOW! Cos we stole some -mwah-ha-ha!! Yep, while Cam was distracted, we pocketed a box full. And you can grab one now.

Cameron doesn't go in for hard sleights or overly complicated methods - he just constructs beautifully DOABLE magic. The kind of stuff you'll actually use!!! Get his 7000km and get learning today!  


THIS IS THE ACE - A self working four Ace production that happens in the spectator’s hands. 

ELEVATED JACKS - A lean, mean, elevator routine! 

SATYR ACES - An ungimmicked version of Alex Linian’s GOAT that has won acclaim from top magicians all over the world. 

TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY - A blockbuster routine with three coins and a bill that’s high on impact but easy on the hands. 

WITH MUSTARD - A multi-phased sandwich routine that happens with almost no effort. Flashy and easy, what’s not to love? 

FREE SPELL - The spectator cuts the deck into three piles and selects a card from any pile. The deck is reassembled. The card is then named. The spectator then picks up the deck (you never touch it again) and spells the card, dealing one card for each letter. The last card is turned over and revealed to be the selection. It’s that clean and that fooling. (It’s also self working!) 

SAC - An almost self working collector’s routine. 

RETURNING HOME - Signed card to pocket with no palming and a killer kicker. 

BRAND NEW COAT - A minimalist multiple out routine that you will love performing. 

AUTOMATIC POKER TRIUMPH - A completely self working small packet triumph/poker routine that slays.