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False Anchors Book by Ryan Schlutz - BBM Rare Exclusive

Sold out

This super rare 130+page book was a one off run manufactured for Blackpool Convention in 2020. It is the three best selling False Anchor books rolled into one giant, compendium super collector's version! We have the ONLY copies left in the world. Oh - and grab one today and we'll let you pick a Ryan Schlutz DVD or Download worth upto £25 for FREE!!

You also get a special custom made metal utility gimmick to use for 'The One With The High Five' - but you could use that beauty for plenty of other routines! (You'll understand once you see it!).

What does Ryan Schlutz say about 'False Anchor's...

"For years, I chased a concept that I did not understand. I wanted my magic to be completely hands off. I wanted to leave my audiences with the impression that I did not do anything, yet everything happened. It was my dream to place a deck of cards on the table and achieve miracles without lifting a finger.

When I first started to create magic effects, they all had a linear approach; that is to say my effects were directly connected to the methods. But over time, I pushed my methods to become more abstract until finally the method all but disappeared and only the effect remained. Discovering the balance between the two was where I first discovered the concept of False Anchors.

False Anchors create a memory, a feeling, a sense of comfort or spatial placement in the spectator’s mind. You are creating a moment they anchor to as important even though, in reality, it is fictitious. A False Anchor can allow you to erase part of a procedure in a trick as if it never happened. Some of the False Anchors I describe here are driven by method while others are solely motivated movements. A natural, motivated movement is as invisible as the best executed sleight. For example, you can simply look at the bottom card and it will go completely unnoticed if it happens at the right moment."

Throughout this book, we will discuss various effects that utilize False Anchors, as well as moves that help facilitate False Anchors."


I Love You
Secret Sauce Switch
Strange Gift
Flow vs. Sequential
In-Air Transpo
Coordinated Chaos
Bottom Stock Control
Top Stock Control
Forget To Remember (Updated)
Somewhat Touched
Card At Any Sum
Sprung Location
6 Covers 6
Boxy Waltz
Before The Thought
Box Switch
The One With The High Five
Edge-Mark Pencil Dot
Clearly See-Through
Other Ways To Use The GAP Principle
Mind The Gap