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The Bigblindmedia Handcuff Wrist Wallet (LOAD/VANISH)

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A BBM EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTBBM's exclusive magic wrist wallet. Loaded with gaffs!

Bigblindmedia's Handcuff Wallet is a wallet that wraps around your wrist and allows you to take a key, some notes and some coins when you head out on the town (or to the beach or the gym or a covert mission to destroy a terrorist cell etc).

Beautifully crafted out of leather and custom designed by our own team of crackshot ninjas it is BEAUTIFUL. Put one on and you'll look like a rock star. Instantly.

The front side is black leather with a centralised burgundy strap running down the centre. And the reverse holds a zipped compartment. The wallet is closed with a Velcro strap that means the wallet will fit almost any size wrist. (The Incredible Hulk might need a special one making up).

But this is Bigblindmedia were talking about, so the Handcuff Wallet doesn't just look cool and serve a groovy function. Nope. This is LOADED with magic gaffery.

Hidden inside a small pouch on the underside of the wallet is a super strong magnet. Wanna vanish a coin or ring? KERCHING its done. How about hold out a key? SWISH- done.

Don't want the magnet in there? We have left an opening so that you can swap it in and out at will.

Craftily hidden on the edge of the red strap on the face of the wallet is a 6cm loading slit. This has been specifically designed to allow you to sneakily insert items inside the zipped shut wallet. What can you load in here? Think signed coins, rings, folded playing cards, keys

The Handcuff Wallet pop it on your wrist and you can head out and do magic all night long with NOTHING IN YOUR POCKETS.

This is a limited edition item and available EXCLUSIVELY at BigBlindMedia. Cos we ROCK!