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Jack Tighe Download Bundle #3 - Master Tabled Controls II

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A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - An incredible download bundle from rising star & card ninja Jack Tighe that will teach you all about controlling one (or more) cards when shuffling on the table! 
You'll learn THREE killer controls that will give you unparalleled power over the deck. And then Jack will show you TWO routines that you can bust out with any deck, at any time!
What's in the download?
Pick Up Mix
Tabled Charlier Control
Tabled LePaul Control
Impossible Stock Control ROUTINE
Shuffle Cull ROUTINE
Pick Up Mix is a super easy, on the table, full deck false shuffle. 
Tabled Charlier Control looks a chaotic and random mix, yet retains the entire deck order with only a single cut occurring.
Tabled LePaul Control let's you control a selection through a ridiculously fair looking ribbon spread insertion, square up, up the ladder cut and riffle shuffle! 
Three deceptive, relaxed looking controls that are just FUN to perform.. but chain them together and you're taking things into the stratosphere. NOBODY will ever suspect that you have total control over the cards.  
And then you'll have two Tighe Routines (Shuffle Cull & Impossible Stock Control - which TOTALLY fooled me at the filming) to learn and bust out.
Running Time - 26min