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The Strike Change by Biz - Exclusive Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - The Strike Change is one of the move's that Biz is most known for. Imagine mashing the Top Change with a Colour Change and gifting yourself one of the most versatile sleights imaginable. 
This thing has a tonne of uses - a force, a switch, a tool for transpositions and sandwiches, a control for repositioning selections, and, of course, super-visual colour changes (even allowing you to swap a card for a bank note or credit card!!). 
Biz's clear, concise teaching will have you up 'n performing this in minutes. Plus he gives you some killer routines to put this weapon to killer use!
What you get in this brilliant download:
The Basic Method
Changing Two Cards
Switch From The Middle
Switch From The Bottom
Basic Applications
Transpositions & Sandwiches
As A Force
Switch In Objects
The Disappearing Joker Routine
Aces Galore Routine