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The Biz Bundle - Simple Control Fan Change Airoh-Pop


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Three incredible new sleights in ONE KILLER BUNDLE! Grab this special bundle from our new favourite magician BIZ - and get learning some spankly new awesomeness!

Simple Control - this switch control is a thing of beauty. Think the 'Convincing Control', but much, much easier! It looks slick, requires very little technical skill and is safe from almost all angles. It even works with TWO selections! Worth the price of the download on it's own.

The Airoh Pop - a selected card is lost in the deck and then visually leaps into an outjogged position. It just seems to 'pop' out of the middle of the squared deck. This is a super useful AND flashy move. Something to perfect over the Christmas break!

Fan Change - a card is outjogged from the deck and the deck is then fanned. Impossibly the outjogged card (despite being in view the whole time) has changed value! This sleight can be used as a colour change and a switch. And Biz even teaches how to perform a DOUBLE colour change with the Fan Change - this is the perfect bit of eye candy for magic performed over a camera.