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The Pepito Change by Biz - Exclusive Download


"I’ll be using this in my work and I can see it becoming one of my favourite fidget moves. For the price you can’t really go wrong. Easy enough for the beginner to pick up and some applications which make the experts smile. Something for everyone." Daniel Chard

A BBM Exclusive Download Video - O. M. G. - the first time we saw Romanian card ninja Biz performing we nearly popped an eyeball. This guy is abso-positively-lutely incredible. His chops are next level, and his creativity and out-the-box thinking make him a seriously exciting handler of the pasteboards.

We could not be more excited to add him to the BBM family. And the first project we have worked on is a doozy - THE PEPITO CHANGE! An outjogged card visually ‘pops’ into another card. Watch the video - does that not just look like real magic?

Biz walks you through the handling for this insane sleight. And, incredibly, it is not as hard as you’d think. Yes, it’ll take practise - but with Biz’s clear instruction you’ll get this down in no time.

And, it’s not just a colour change. Use it as a switch. Use it as an effect. Swap a red backed selection for a blue backed. Make a blank card ‘print’ into a signed selection. Perform it IN A SPECTATOR'S HANDS! Make the outjogged card change not just once, not just twice - but THREE TIMES!

Biz unleashes nearly 20 minutes of ideas to get your creativity popping.

Grab The Pepito Change today and find out why we rate Biz as one of the most exciting card magician’s on the scene right now.

On the exclusive download:

The Get Ready
The Colour Change
As A Switch
Doubles & Triples
Bonus Ideas