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Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic - Cameron Francis


A collection of mindblowing card magic that you can perform with ANY borrowed deck. NO SETUPS. NO PROPS. NO GAFFS.

How often has this happened to you - you're at a party and someone comes up and says 'hey, I hear you're a magician can you show me a trick?'. Your mind goes blank. You have none of your gear with you - no thumb tip, no sharpie, no gaff decks, no magnetic ring, nothing. All you have is a deck of cards. (Or maybe your new friend hands you THEIR deck!).

What do you do? On Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic Cameron Francis has collected together a host of absolutely KILLER magic that you can unleash at a moment's notice. These 14 routines are easy to perform, but shockingly powerful. Learn these tricks and you'll NEVER be stuck for a spectator frying miracle again!!

Easy to do
No props required (other than a deck of cards)
Perform any time, any where, with anyone's deck (even missing some cards)
No setups needed
All strong material - no filler


1. Ace Thang
2. Sly Cheese
3. A.N. Other Thang
4. Interchangeling
5. Hofwich
6. Zombieland
7. Instinct
8. Killer Trifecta
9. Elevation
10. Wilder
11. Uppers
12. The P***ing Contest
13. Getting Even
14. Selected Assembly

"If you're looking for a few good tricks or ideas for impromptu magic, you'll be happy with your purchase!" MyLovelyAssistant

"Some strong effects which would well answer the ‘show us a trick’ request so often thrown at magicians"

"Quite a few things strike me about Big Blind Media's 'Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic' DVD by Cameron Francis. Firstly, the card magic is all very good and all very doable in restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs. (IMHO, not a lot of card magic fits that particular 'bill.') The magic is visual, striking and well plotted. Secondly, Cameron Francis is a very engaging performer. He performs with a charming dry wit and engages well with his audience. In other words, he wins many 'brownie points' for likeability! Lastly, the production is very good. It's nicely understated and not remotely pretentious. Big Blind Media have done a cracking job here. So, in summation, you get 14 excellent card tricks that you can, and will, do and use. I highly recommend you get this top-notch DVD!" Paul Gordon