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Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 DVD Set

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"The definitive work on the marked deck. This is a reputation maker!" Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal

"Whether you use the Wild Marking System or another one, The Marked Deck Project is something that you will want to consider buying. What you get for $30 is a lot more than just marked deck routines. Boris Wild shares things that will make you a better overall magician." Rolando Santos, Linking Ring Magazine

"You can't go wrong with this product..." Payne, M-U-M Magazine

Boris Wild has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of using a marked deck. He has elevated its use to an artform; using its benefits in the most sophisticated and imaginative ways possible.

This is NOT about just having a card selected and reading its value from the back. It's WAAAAAAAAY more than that. Master the techniques Boris will teach you, and you will have a weapon in your arsenal that will elevate ALL the card magic you perform. Think of the Marked Deck as a tool that can supercharge every routine you do. It can add a layer of deception to any effect, help you get ahead of your spectators, rescue you if a trick goes wrong - and Boris teaches you how to achieve ALL of this.

The lessons and insights taught to you on this enormous 4hour+ project will help you master the best selling Boris Wild Marked Deck, and highlight just why Boris' patented design is so ingenious. You can achieve miracles with Boris Wild's Marked Deck that just cannot be achieved with any other deck! After watching the Boris Wild Marked Deck Project you will NEVER leave the house without a Marked Deck again.

Boris even teaches you how to design and create your own, customized Boris Wild Marked Decks for the ultimate personalised weapon.

Double Revelation
Zero Touch (Magician's Version)
Zero Touch (Spectator's Version)
The Ideal Effect
Peek Sandwich
Invisible, But Marked
Plus - A pro teach-in on The Cull and learn The Revelation Pass

"If you want to learn powerful techniques and great effect on the marked deck, this is a must have DVD!" Luca Volpe, The Italian Mentalist, Reviewer

"If you don’t yet do any marked deck magic, this would be a great place to start. It will get you working like a pro!" Philip Sweeting, 

"The secret to a great marked deck is the speed at which you can find a card. Boris Wild has created one of the easiest and FASTEST methods to find a card face-down I have seen.This is really a workshop on the marked deck and it’s like having Boris sitting down with you and teaching it to you personally. " Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"This is by far my favorite of Big Blind’s releases so far. The performance and the instruction are sensational." The Magic Portal, Reviewer

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Boris Wild Marked Deck Project

This is an excellent 2 disc set on a subject I'd never really given much thought to before, marked cards. Boris Wild's marking system is awesome, allowing cards to be found rapidly in a face down spread & the tricks on the discs are absolutely brilliant. Also, the service from BBM was first class as always. Highly recommended.

Geoff B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A must-have if you want to really want to get everything you can out of this marked deck.

Because you can do things with the innovative Boris Wild Deck that you simply can't do with other marked decks, it is best used in combination with some of the additional resources created for it. This instructional video is the best of all the instructional resources I've found on marked decks, and has over four hours of tutorials and instruction, including some brilliant routines. It showcases Boris himself providing specialized teaching that is geared specifically to the system used by his Boris Wild Marked Deck. He teaches you everything you need to know to maximize the benefits of the Boris Wild markings in a way that isn't possible with other decks. More importantly, he teaches a number of top notch routines, which are surprisingly easy to learn and strong in effect, courtesy of the power of his marked deck. The video really is a must-have if you want to really want to get everything you can out of this marked deck. The production quality is outstanding too, and Boris does an excellent job in teaching and explaining everything, with the benefit of his expertise. The tips he gives in an extra section about the cull are also very helpful. He also covers how to make your own deck with his marking system, which will take about 15-20 minutes using white transfers or a white marker (that you'll have to purchase yourself) once you're experienced at it. There's no doubt that his passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and will really inspire you to get out there in the real world and do miracles with the Boris Wild Marked Deck.

A Customer
Australia Australia

Great DVD, useless marked deck for lefties

This review is for the DVD + Boris Wild Marked Deck package. The DVD is great, packed full of brilliant marked deck routines, tips and culling advice. Some are a little convoluted for my liking (there were a couple of times spectators looked a bit bored by the heavy amount of procedure) but there are some real gems here. Unfortunately, the Boris Wild Marked Deck is pretty useless if, like me, you're left handed. Boris admits as much during the DVD. Granted there's a workaround using stencils, but ifyou're allergic to arts and crafts, I'd avoid this deck and opt for DMCs (or other more left-friendly decks). You'll have to be able to quickly read and interpret their positions upside down if you're to have any luck with these. Shame.

Matthew B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Boris Wilde Marked Deck Download

This is an excellent project. Boris has a superb teaching style - very clear with many subtle tips. Even without having a marked deck there are so many other aspects of magic performance that can be gained from the videos that make this an worthwhile purchase. My mind is swimming with new possibilities

Robert D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent teaching and deck

Boris goes through in detail on how to get the best out of his marked deck, which is easy to use. He teaches great routines and shares further ideas. A top notch project, highly recommended!

Nicolas C.